Dawn Purkiss (BA, Cert. of Ed)

is an actor and qualified teacher who specialises in historical dance and social history. Her social history expertise ranges from the history of food, folklore and traditions, to ettiquette, modes and manners, period clothes, costume and dance. 

She has choreographed and performed in a number of television programmes including: BBC's Art Through History and Channel 4's Life and Times of Marie Antoinette, and the Life of Mozart. She currently works at a variety of venues including the National Portrait Gallery, the V&A Museum, and Syon House 

Dawn's thorough knowledge of history and dance has led her to create Baroque 'n'Roll and Clifton. The drive behind these ventures is the desire to bring history to life, making it approachable and entertaining.

Throughout the years and at present, Dawn, Baroque'n'Roll and Clifton have been involved in a wide range of lectures, performances, workshops, television and Theatre In Education programmes.