Education is at the heart of all the projects

Believing that education can unlock enthusiasm and understanding, all aspects of our presentations have an educational basis. We have a number of lectures, workshops, theatre-in-education programmes and performances suitable for schools, family groups and adult audiences. 

Rosemary Linnell, Educational Adviser to the Shakepeare's Globe Theatre, said: "On looking at these titles and programmes it is obvious that the dilemmas of the past are also those of today. In examining these issues children have a real chance to understand not only the past but also the problems of adulthood and contemporary life. More than any other area of the curriculum these projects encourage language development and use and involve the children in an emotionally charge discovery. One person can change history".


For your themed wedding choose a romantic dance from the past, especially developed for you. It could be a gentle dance of courtly love or a flirtatious country dance in the manner of Miss Elizabeth Benett and Mr Darcy.

Delight your guests with a unique, out of the ordinary performance. Your instructor can help you to find out which dance you prefer, and also guide you as to the choice of music.

Why not have bring everybody on to the dance floor with period dances to suit every age and ability. Prices are tapered to the requirements of each client and can range from one performer to a full company.